A Solid Positive Relationship

How will you know if you’ve found a solid, positive relationship? It won’t be hard to tell. A negative unholy relationship feels depleting, like a depressive burden.
A healthy, holy relationship is entirely different. It nourishes each mate’s individuality, strength, power, creativity and productivity in the world. Each partner has a personal spiritual life and considers their spirituality the top priority…the relationship comes second to that. Ideally, they are on the same spiritual path. There is a spontaneity and moment-by-moment flow between real human beings rather than rigid rose playing.
Each feels safe to give the other constructive feedback that produces movement. There is no fear of communicating anything. Each person easily maintains a high degree of self esteem. Each supports the other being in his or her power. Each knows how to process patterns in themselves without getting stuck. Everything they do is life supporting. Each is growing and that is exciting.
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