Scented pillow Lilacs



Scented pillow Lilacs

A beautiful refined floral wealth, fresh, light and airy. Lilacs help you to be yourself and to distinguish yourself. The scent takes you along in a liberation from everyday worries. The contents of the bags consist of white sandalwood powder to which the Mother’s Fragrance Lilacs has been added. This scent festival is in a cotton inner bag and is stitched in a nice cotton outer bag.

Properties of Lilacs

Lilac flowers are well-known for their pleasant and beautiful fragrance, so they are usually used for many perfumes and other cosmetic products. Also, lilac flowers can be used in the form of an essential oil. The experts believe that lilac flowers can help in treating many infections, skin problems, stomach problems, etc. It is also believed that lilac flowers can be helpful if someone has a fever. It is proved that lilacs can help people who are suffering from depression and they can also relax our nerves. That’s why lilac flowers are usually used in aromatherapy and other relaxation techniques.

When it comes to symbolism of this flower, we can say that it is related to love, purity and emotions. We have already said that in the past it was the symbol of an old love. It is believed that the lilac flower is a symbol of spring, so it can tell us when the spring will come. It is known that the lilac flower blooms right at the beginning of the spring. Actually, the lilacs are the first flowers that bloom when the temperature starts to be higher than before.

Also, the lilac flower is used as a symbol of Eastern and a symbol of renewal. It usually symbolizes that something new and something better is going to come in our lives. You may did not know but lilac flowers can also be regarded as a symbol of confidence. That’s why a bouquet of lilac flowers can be a great gift for someone who has just graduated.

size Scented pillow Lilacs:
The large odor sachets are approximately 9.5 cm high x 9.5 cm wide.


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