Scented pillow Vanilla



Scented pillow Vanilla

Vanilla is a rich blend of vanilla, heliotrope and a hint of rose. This is our sweetest scent. Round, full and happy and it doesn’t make you fat. The contents of the bags consist of white sandalwood powder. To which the Mother’s Fragrance Vanilla perfume has been added. This scent festival is in a cotton inner bag and is stitched in a nice cotton outer bag.

Vanilla with a mysterious, elusive note of lightness and beauty. Does it give rest in motion? What is her mystery, you wonder.

Properties of Vanilla

Vanilla essential oil has proved to be an effective mood lifter. This is because of its rich, yet unobtrusive scent. Vanillin-rich oil also works in the bedroom as an aphrodisiac. Scientific studies have confirmed that vanilla oil cures impotency. Along with libido loss, sexual frigidity, and erectile dysfunction. The oil works to stimulate secretions of human hormones to help promote arousal.

Vanilla is used for emotional growth and pleasure. It vitalizes energy. Vanilla brings happy occasions to the premises. It draws good fortune.

Vanilla has a calming effect. When you’re not feeling happy, it has consoling properties. It soothes a busy head. It promotes a happy and healthy environment. And brings good fortune. Use it for mental stimulation.

Vanilla is calming and pleasing. It can provoke mental and physical arousal. It stimulates good luck. If Vanilla appeals to you, try using it during meditation. It gives a feeling of happiness. Prosperity can be improved. And do you seek knowledge of any kind? Use Vanilla incense.

size Scented pillow Vanilla:
The large odor sachets are approximately 9.5 cm high x 9.5 cm wide.



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