Scented pillow Patchouli



Scented pillow Patchouli

A soft version of the characteristic flower power fragrance of connectedness. Steadfast, familiar and friendly. The atmosphere of bygone forests that live on in this scent. The contents of the bags consist of white sandalwood powder. To which the Mother’s Fragrance Patchouli perfume has been added. This scent festival is in a cotton inner bag and is stitched in a nice cotton outer bag.

Properties of Patchouli

The patchouli plant is well known for its medicinal and spiritual purposes.

Patchouli comes from the Hindustani word “pacholi” meaning “to scent.” Indian shawls and fabrics were scented with patchouli oil in the 1800s.

It is feminine but with a masculine character and is earthy and profound. Patchouli stimulates the nervous system.  It is for keeping awake, not for sleeping.  It is strident and forceful.

Spiritually, Patchouli essential oil brings a sense of the sacredness of life.  It is also a fragrance of action. Knowing that no ideal will occur unless we take the first steps to make it happen.  It reminds us that sitting quietly under a tree is good. But only if there is a purpose in it; the purpose of knowing and appreciating.

Sitting under a tree represents the contemplation of what we can do. For ourselves and others in the way of caring. As the thought of caring for others enters our spirit, so too does the thought of caring for the tree that harbors us. And caring for all else besides. Such is the scope of Patchouli… liberation from boundaries. It is one of the Angelic Fragrances.

Patchouli assists in our connection with the planet. Also, the past vibrational patterns that we may encounter upon our journey.  Dispels negativity and promotes good dreams. Energetically, patchouli increases energy/attention. In the sensory levels and the outer fields. Thereby causing the spiritual self to drop into the physical body. Patchouli also slows down the sense of time perception.

size Scented pillow Patchouli:
The large odor sachets are approximately 9.5 cm high x 9.5 cm wide.



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