2. Science of Sunworship (Kriya Surya Namaskar)

Surya Namaskar should ideally be practiced outside, everyday, before 9 AM, with the body exposed to the healing rays of the sun. This series stretches, massages and warms the entire body, in addition it helps to awaken the chakras and generates prana.

At each of the following stages, repeat “Om Kriya Babaji Nama Aum”.

a. Stand heels together, toes apart, palms together high above the head.
b. Place palms together at the eyebrow center.
c. Place palms together at the throat center.
d. Place palms together at the heart center.
e. Place palms together at the navel center.
f. Place palms together on top of the head while kneeling down.
g. Salutation pose.
h. Right knee forward, left leg stretched back, back arched, look up, tops of feet on the floor.
i. Feet together, heels close to the floor, arching hips up with hands on floor and head down.
j. Lower hips to floor, arch back, look up and back.
k. Lower head to floor.

Repeat “j” to “a” in reverse order (“h” = left knee forward, right leg back)

Om Kriya Babaji Nama Aum is the mantra we use to internally bow to the Divinity within our own Self. The sound of Om, from which all creation emerged, is a vibration; Kriya is action with awareness; Babaji is the living source and fountainhead of Kriya Yoga; Nama means Salutation and Aum is the sound of the universe within one Self.


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