1. Salutation Pose ( Kriya Asana Venekom)

a. Stand heels together, toes apart

b. Kneel down

C. Place the crown of the head on floor, hands at side

d. place the palms together in front of head

e. Raise the feet, balancing on knees and forearms

f. Chant “Om Kriya Babaji Nama Aum

We begin and end each posture standing in stillness. We are in an open and receptive stance, relaxing the legs, letting go of tensions in body / mind and receiving earth energies into our bodies.

Indicated for: lumbar lordosis

Contra-indicated for: prolapsed disc (collapsed spinal disc, or slipped disc)

Benefits: This posture influences the nerves and glands in the head and has an indirect influence on the whole glandular system. It relaxes eyestrain and is useful for low blood pressure. Spiritually, it awakens the psychic center at the top of the head (sahasrara chakra). This posture orients our entire being o the worship of the Divine and to the recognition that the body is a temple, worthy of infinite care.


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